System planning

What is System?

System is a combination of several well-developed machines, sensors, or sub-systems; connected by way of programmable logic controller and appropriate input/output.

System is flexible to adapt itself for variation of operation by predictable factors.

What is Robotic System?

Robotic System means Robot Centered Working Cell.

Robotic System is used to replace or assist current working flow line in factory.

Every robotic system has its own inlets and outlets for working pieces.

●Misunderstanding of Robot System

Just use robots instead of humans in the work cell

(The robot is a blind/deaf, stupid, rude but powerful worker.)

Robots are both smart and flexible in using tools and handling workpieces.

(The robot can only do what you tell it in the program.)

The use of robots does not require product/process optimization.

(The efficiency of the robot is reduced, and the product/process cannot be compromised to make changes.)

How to transfer man to robot working cell?

Prework, YOU TOLD US !

To know current working process

To know current inspection process

To know current inlet/outlet process

The main job you want robot to do!

After understanding your needs and current working conditions, we will propose a detailed plan

content include:

Manipulator operation process (including the hardware equipment that cooperates with the manipulator)

Fixtures and fixtures for a single product (or sharing multiple products)

Feeding and discharging methods with manipulator operation

●Recievie your confirm and agree to our proposal, we will make a quotation for this system unit.

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